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Youtube Creator Academy: Engage Your Audience Kick Camp

YouTube New Feature

Today I am therefore surprise when i opened upwards my YouTube Dashboard. There are some notification from YouTube on of them is YouTube Creator Academy: Engage Your Audience Boot Camp. This feature is yet novel inwards my mind. Hehehe. It way that I am newbie inwards YouTube Business therefore I don’t know what is that?

I meet inwards my dashboard, equally follows:

Engage your audience: Want to rack upwards lookout adult man fourth dimension together with plough viewers into long-term fans? Register now for our “Engage your audience” boot camp, March 16-27, 2019″.

My uncomplicated determination later read the notification:

“hmhm May live if I own got joined to this curt course of study i tin flame increase my YouTube views. But, Is in that place whatsoever run a peril or no, yea? because my YouTube Channel is got Strike 1 together with Dismon. hmhmhm. I own got to yell back to a greater extent than nigh this. In other hand, if I am solely to live soundless i acquire nothing. 🙁 It is really complicated to me. I require soul who empathize to a greater extent than nigh this info.

For a few minutes I own got talked amongst my all friends who own got joined to this proposition from YouTube. They also give me 2 points of view. Join or No. hahaha The last, I am to a greater extent than confuse nigh this problem.

See the give-and-take “Register now if I click this URL, I volition live redirected to this form:

Today I am therefore surprise when i opened upwards my YouTube YouTube Creator Academy: Engage Your Audience Boot Camp

YouTube Creator Academy Engage your audience boot military camp registration form
Welcome to the YouTube Creator Academy Engage your audience boot camp! This 2 calendar week course of study volition run inwards English linguistic communication from March 16-30, 2019. Sign upwards for the course of study inwards less than a minute. Then, acquire tools together with strategies to plough viewers into long-term fans.
During calendar week 1, March 16-22, you’ll acquire ways to laid upwards a strong connector amongst your viewers together with therefore empathize their demographics together with preferences.
In calendar week 2, March 23-30, you’ll acquire why it’s of import to connect amongst potential fans off of YouTube together with what YouTube Analytics tin flame instruct yous nigh your subscribers (and why that is of import to long-term success on YouTube). 
Don’t immature lady this awesome chance to engage amongst other creators spell learning novel tips, tools, together with strategies to laid upwards your channel together with audience on YouTube.
* Wajib
What is your kickoff name? 
What is your final name? 
What is your e-mail address? 
Enter the URL of the YouTube channel yous volition usage during this course. (If yous don’t own got a YouTube channel, come inwards “youtube.com“.) 
To discovery the URL of your channel, become to YouTube.com inwards your browser together with click “My Channel”, therefore re-create together with glue the URL. Your URL may vary depending on device but it must comprise “www.youtube.com“.
Ini pertanyaan yang wajib diisi
Today I am therefore surprise when i opened upwards my YouTube YouTube Creator Academy: Engage Your Audience Boot Camp
In what province exercise yous usage YouTube?
If your province is non listed, acquire out blank.
What type of videos exercise yous typically make?
How many subscribers exercise yous own got on your electrical flow channel(s)? 
Once registered, my finish is to (select the reply that most closely matches your goal): 
Have yous taken whatsoever other YouTube Creator Academy boot camps inwards the past? 
If yes, did yous earn a missive of the alphabet of completion?
How did yous listen nigh the boot camp? 
By registering for the YouTube Creator Academy boot camp, yous concur to have occasional course of study notifications amongst data together with assignments from March 16-30, 2019, together with later the course, yous volition have an optional feedback survey. 
If yous exercise non wishing to participate, yous tin flame unenroll from the course of study inwards whatsoever course of study notification. Your participation inwards the Creator Academy boot military camp together with your usage of YouTube are plain of study to the YouTube Terms of Service (youtube.com/t/terms) together with the Google Privacy Policy (goo.gl/LTT8gT).
Optional: Occasionally YouTube reaches out to creators, click hither if nosotros may contact yous inwards the futurity nigh potential partnering opportunities.

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Formulir ini dibuat di dalam Google.com. 

    Anyone who wanna assistance me solve my problem? hehehe I promise soul who read my flush hither tin flame discovery the resolution non solely for my channel but also your ain channel. Thanks

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