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What Is Bounce Rate?

 What is Bounce Rate? 
Creating a Blogger blog convey to hand attending to the development of our blog. The Blogger must convey been familiar with the word Bounce rate? What is the bounce rate? What is the bounce rate to create upwards one’s hear the meaning of? What is the important role in optimization SEO? The answer I volition discuss in this article. Please read buddy !!

Bounce rate 

It is the percentage of visitors who go to your website and the visitor was straight out without looking at the other pages of your website. Simply put, the bounce rate can nosotros interpret the percent of visitors who only visit one page on our website. Bounce rate can be one indicator of the proficient in addition to bad of a website. For example, a blog with a high bounce rate could indicate that the blog is not interesting for the readers. Because visitors only read one page. Though the blog contains a lot of pages, but exceptions ni on blogs that we’ve only contains one page.

How to Calculate Bounce Rate
How ya bro, how to make it calculated? It turned out really easy. The formula is: the pose out of visitors who visit the page: total visitors x 100%. Example, suppose X blog is visited by 1,000 people, with the details of 250 people only open the last page straight away. Then the bounce rate is 250 X blog: 1000 x 100% = 25%.
Like What a Good Bounce Rate?

The smaller the percentage of bounce rate of your blog, the better your blog. A low bounce rate indicates that your website attractive to visitors so that visitors exercise not just see one page of your blog but also open other pages. The opinions say that is a good bounce rate bounce rates hover around 20%. However good or bad a direct judge blog of its bounce rate alone is not enough. If the blog is indeed only have one page, then it clearly must have bounce rate was 100%.

How to Fix the Bounce Rate?
So that we tin blog bounce rate the better, then we should make the visitor become linger on our website. How? 
  • Increase your quality content. Good content and quality will make the readers happy and linger to read your blog. 
  • Expand internal links. As with Outbound links or backlinks, internal links are links leading to other pages of your blog. With the increasing pose out of internal links is expected visitors volition be more comfortable to browse the various pages on your blog.
  • Increase your website page views.
  • Use Template with fast loading
  • Avoiding installation of things that are not important in a blog. Examples such as excessive widgets, affixing the background music and advertising is too much.
That’s all my explanation, I share a little of the bounce rate, may live useful. Thanks
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