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Validity Information For Question Instruments On Qualitative Research

Validity of the information is intended to obtain a flat of confidence with regard to how far the truth of the results of research, break as well as clarify the information with actual facts on the ground. In qualitative research, the validity of the information is to a greater extent than inwards job with the enquiry procedure every bit it takes place. The validity of qualitative information must live carried out since the foremost of information collection, i.e since perform information reduction, information display as well as decision or verification. To obtain the information validity inwards qualitative enquiry was conducted yesteryear maintaining credibility, transferability and dependability that the intention is:

Validity of the information is intended to obtain a flat of confidence with regard to how far th Validity Data for Research Instruments on Qualitative Research
a. Internal Validity (Credibility)
Internal validity is a mensurate of the accuracy of information obtained with the instrument, namely whether the musical instrument was seriously mensurate the existent variables. If it turns out the musical instrument does non mensurate what should live measured, the information obtained does non fit to the truth, then that enquiry results tin non live trusted, or inwards other words produce non qualify validity.

According to Nasution (1996: 114), internal validity (credibility) tin live done by: a). Extend the catamenia of observation, b). Conducting continuous observation, c). Data triangulation, d). Discuss with others (peer debriefing), e). Analyze the negative case, f). Using reference materials, as well as g). Holding fellow member check.

In conducting this research, inwards lodge to gain the credibility of researchers produce the steps every bit follows:

  1. Extend the observation period, extend the catamenia of observation intended to observe as well as accept into concern human relationship the distortion that mightiness corrupt the data. Distortion tin tumble out because of the chemical ingredient of intent such every bit lying, cheating, as well as pretend yesteryear the subjects, informants, telephone substitution informants. Intentional chemical ingredient may live a fault inwards quest questions, motivation, but for fun or depressing researchers.
  2. Continuous observation, the constant as well as continuous observations, researchers volition live able to pay attending to something with to a greater extent than care, item as well as depth. Continuous observation, volition lastly live able to discover which ones demand to live observed as well as which produce non demand to live observed inwards accordance with the information acquisition effort. Observations continuous ground to live able to reply questions virtually the focus of the proposed research.
  3. Data triangulation, information triangulation aim inwards this enquiry was to verify the information yesteryear comparing the information obtained from other sources, inwards diverse phases of enquiry inwards the field. Triangulation of information inwards this enquiry is the rootage as well as method, pregnant that researchers compare as well as cheque to provide the flat of confidence the information obtained through the fourth dimension as well as dissimilar tools inwards qualitative methods. The triangulation of information sources, alongside others done yesteryear comparing the information obtained from interviews with telephone substitution informants as well as informant. Data triangulation was done by, first, to compare the results of the foremost observations with the next observations. Secondly, comparing the observed information with the results of the interview. Comparing information from the foremost interview with the results of the side yesteryear side interview. The emphasis of the results of this comparing is non a job inwards mutual ideas, opinions, thoughts alone. But to a greater extent than of import is to know the reasons for the differences.
  4. Discuss with others (peer debriefing), beak over the results of the information with others who are familiar with the enquiry that is existence done.
  5. Analyze the negative case, analyzing the negative example the intention is to attempt the truth of the information that is said to live truthful yesteryear a information rootage but rejected yesteryear other sources.
  6. Using reference materials for comparing as well as to sharpen the analysis of data.
  7. Holding fellow member check. The role of belongings fellow member cheque is that the information has been obtained as well as volition live used inwards the writing of the written report tin live inwards accordance with what is meant yesteryear the informant, as well as telephone substitution informants. Therefore inwards this study fellow member cheque carried out each halt of the interview yesteryear repeating outline answers or views every bit researchers tape the information based on what has been said yesteryear the respondent. This objective is carried out then that the respondent tin create what is non appropriate according to them, reducing or adding what is lacking. Members cheque inwards this enquiry conducted during the study-as formal as well as informal interviews run.

b. External validity (transferability)

External validity with honor to the job of generalization, i.e to where generalizations are formulated also applies to cases other than research. In qualitative research, the researcher tin non guarantee the validity of the results of enquiry on other subjects. This is because qualitative enquiry does non aim to generalize, because inwards qualitative enquiry does non work random sampling, or e’er live purposive sampling.
c. Dependability
Dependability or reliability of the musical instrument is an index indicating the extent to which gauges trustworthy or reliable. Reliability indicates the extent to which the measuring results remained consistent when done in i lawsuit again against the same symptoms with the same gauge. To live able to gain the flat of reliability inwards this study, it is done with the technique of repeated or cheque recheck.
d. Objectivity
In qualitative enquiry the researcher should test every bit much every bit possible minimize subjectivity factor. Research volition live said to live objective when warranted or “confirm” yesteryear other researchers. So objectivity is identified with the term “confirmability“.
That all virtually the Validity of Data for Research Instruments on Qualitative Research. Understanding to a greater extent than virtually qualitative enquiry it volition assist the researcher run to a greater extent than unique things inwards her/his research.
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