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The Analysis Of Religious Value On Poems (Alloh, Endure Of Man, Where Tin I Life, Produce I Nonetheless Convey Time, Your End Breath)

Religious Values

The writer admits that alloh holds the ability of everything The Analysis of Religious Value on Poems (Alloh, Purpose of Man, Where tin give notice I life, Do i notwithstanding conduct maintain time, Your final breath)

The Analysis of religious value inwards “ALLOH” poem by Saad Rais

Data 1:
Alloh is really the Almighty
Who tin give notice exercise past times elementary proverb be
The writer admits that alloh holds the ability of everything. He tin give notice exercise everything past times elementary saying. That is “KUN”. It differs from human being; they conduct maintain to exercise approximately efforts or to a greater extent than to exercise something. People may live able to human face upward failure inwards creating something, but Alloh is ever success. The belief of the writer to the ability of alloh is included into religious value.
Data 2:
He loves us all similar 70 mothers
It is alone Him as well as no other
Love of Alloh is bigger than others. Alloh loves every His creations, specially all of human being. The writer describes the beloved of alloh looks similar 70 mothers. We tin give notice imagine if nosotros are loved past times 70 mothers. One woman raise ever gives all of her loves to her children. Moreover 70 mothers, nosotros tin give notice acquire to a greater extent than loves from them. Actually alloh loves every people, fifty-fifty though inwards dissimilar instance of life. Sometimes, somebody is given happiness first, but other may live given sadness first. So, all of living inwards this footing is wished past times Alloh. The agency the writer empathise the important of life is included inwards religious value.
The Analysis of “ PURPOSE OF MAN” poesy form past times sun Islamic Classes
Data 1:
Alloh made human being out of clay
So, he could pray 5 times a day
To run as well as consume alongside his ain hands
And spread islam throughout the lands
Human is made of clay. They must exercise what Alloh commands for showing their respect. For illustration praying 5 times, fasting ramadhan, exercise something adept as well as many others. It has to live done past times all of Muslims. Alloh gives perfect torso for somebody than his other creatures. Alloh gives beautiful as well as perfect torso inwards guild to live used inwards adept agency as well as to worship to him. Alloh gives consummate hands, legs, ears, eyes. They conduct maintain to live used to exercise something good. Alloh gives hands for us to work. Alloh loves someone who ever does endeavor than someone who simply depends on someone else. So, nosotros conduct maintain to job our ain hands to run as well as feed our demand than nosotros simply enquire someone else. The nature of human life inwards this footing is doing what Alloh commands as well as avoids what Alloh forbids. The writer agreement close important of life is included inwards the religious value.
Data 2:
Everyday involved inwards learning as well as teaching
Truth as well as judge he must continue preaching
Our life is instruction as well as learning. Teaching for someone has capable inwards a thing. And learning is for knowing something unknown. To alive inwards this footing safety, someone must live able to brand differ what it is adept or bad. We conduct maintain to live inwards the correct side which is truth as well as justice. The author’s agreement close important of life is included inwards the religious value.
The analysis of “ WHERE I CAN LIFE” poesy form past times Aslam Yusuf
Data 1:
I rails from my life
Hope that I tin give notice observe the paradise
But I think it’s then hard
I am going to the hell
Life is simply a moment. Just looks similar a comma. There a long life is afterwards this life. That is the hereafter. There volition live the existent life. Someone who ever does something adept volition acquire paradise. On the other hands, someone who ever does something bad inwards his or her life volition acquire hell. Sometimes, nosotros think it is then difficult to acquire the paradise, because human existence has desire. Desire oft lets us to exercise bad thing. If nosotros cannot command that, nosotros volition brought ourselves to the hell. The belief of the writer close paradise as well as hell is included inwards the religious value.
Data 2:
I simply wanna do
Work for life non life for work
Life inwards this footing must live wisely, because it is simply a moment. Someone must demand everything to feed their lives. It tin give notice live obtained past times working. But, the truthful concept is “working for life, non life for working”. Because life for working volition brand someone becomes greedy, as well as greedy is bad attitude. The author’s agreement close life is included inwards the religious value.
The analysis of “DO I STILL HAVE TIME” past times Saad Rais
Data 1:
I notwithstanding conduct maintain time
Ask for forgiveness
People conduct maintain want that oft allow them to walk inwards the incorrect way. But, nosotros conduct maintain to believe that Alloh is merciful. Alloh is forgiving. He volition forgive every unmarried mistakes done past times people if they want enquire forgiving unto Alloh. Here the writer believes that He notwithstanding has fourth dimension to exercise something adept inwards the future. He believes that Alloh volition forgive someone who asks forgiveness from Him, equally long equally he volition exercise it i time again inwards the future. The belief of the writer unto Alloh for fourth dimension or run a jeopardy that He gives to all his creatures inwards doing goodness is included into religious vealue.
Data 2:
Count my deeds! Count my deeds! What deeds?
Count my sins! Count my sins! O those sins
The writer tries to muse what error or sin he has done. He tries to shout out back or flash his mental attitude back. He wants to know how large sins he has done. So, he volition non to exercise it more. Everybody has sins, because nosotros are simply human being. But, the best somebody is who wants to muse what he has done inwards the past. Trying to shout out back what nosotros conduct maintain done inwards the past times is the best way. So, nosotros tin give notice exercise improve inwards the hereafter as well as exercise non repeat our mistakes anymore. The contemplation of the writer toward his sins is included n the religious value.
The analysis of “YOUR LAST BREATH” poesy form past times Umer Ahmed
Data 1:
Looking equally you lot quietly sleep
Thinking how the years conduct maintain gone to waste
No body’s perfect. We are simply human being. People are the house of mistakes. Many mistakes are done past times every people. People may non live perfect but people must exercise perfectly past times minimizing their mental attitude non to exercise mistakes. The writer tries to shout out back i time again what deed was inwards the past. Day past times day, yr past times year, it runs then quickly. We may non awareness that nosotros volition live business office alongside someone nosotros love, but nosotros conduct maintain to human face upward it sincerely. The contemplation that has been explained higher upward is included inwards religious value.
Data 2:
That on your final breath
You said “Lailla ha illalloh”
Death volition occur to all human existence inwards this world. Even though he is rigid man, handsome boy, as well as rich man, nosotros must choke unpredictable. Now, nosotros conduct maintain to cook it well. Running inwards the adept agency is i of the preparations for this. The best decease is when he or she says “laillahaillaloh” on their final breath. The belief of proverb “lailla ha illaloh” for our final breath is Islamic lesson as well as it is included inwards the religious value.

Lesson Learned

After analyzing those v poems, I acquire approximately lesson to live learned inwards my existent life. Those are:
Be lucky person
According to the Islamic lesson, a lucky somebody is someone who does improve than yesterday. So, if nosotros conduct maintain done mistakes, nosotros are non allowed to exercise those things again.
Walk on the Islamic way
If you lot want to alive happily inwards this footing as well as hither after, nosotros must walk on the Islamic way. We must walk on the Islamic roles. Follow what our prophet Muhammad has done as well as taught us. So, you lot volition non lose your agency living inwards this footing as well as you lot volition live saved inwards the other life. That is hither after.
Thanks to God
We must thank you lot to God because nosotros life inwards this footing is because of His permission. Alloh holds all of ability inwards this footing as well as no i tin give notice stand upward up to Him. If nosotros thank you lot to Alloh close everything, He volition gives us to a greater extent than reward. On the other hand, if nosotros deny it, He volition supply the calamity.
Using “Kalimat Tayyibah” inwards our daily activities
Kalimat tayyibah is approximately adept sentences close Alloh’s name. As Muslim, nosotros must live used to job them inwards our daily activities inwards guild to acquire Goodness from Alloh. Starting our working, finishing our working till nosotros breathe our last, nosotros conduct maintain to tell those sentences. So, Alloh volition live ever beside us as well as nosotros acquire His mercies as well as blessing. Amin

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