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Pronunciation involves far to a greater extent than than private sounds Teaching Pronunciation 

Pronunciation involves far to a greater extent than than private sounds. Word stress, judgement stress, intonation, as well as give-and-take linking all influence the well of spoken English, non to advert the agency nosotros frequently slur words as well as phrases together inwards casual speech. ‘What are you lot going to do?’ becomes ‘Whaddaya gonna do?’ English linguistic communication pronunciation involves besides many complexities for learners to strive for a consummate elimination of accent, but improving pronunciation volition boost self esteem, facilitate communication, as well as mayhap Pb to a improve labor or a to the lowest degree to a greater extent than honour inwards the workplace. Effective communication is of greatest importance, therefore direct initiative off to hap problems that significantly hinder communication as well as allow the residuum go. Remember that your students also demand to acquire strategies for dealing alongside misunderstandings, since native pronunciation is for virtually an unrealistic goal.
A student’s initiative off linguistic communication frequently interferes alongside English linguistic communication pronunciation. For example, /p/ is aspirated inwards English linguistic communication but non inwards Spanish, therefore when a Castilian speaker pronounces ‘pig’ without a puff of air on the /p/, an American may hear ‘big’ instead. Sometimes the students volition live able to put specific occupation sounds as well as sometimes they won’t. You tin sack enquire them for suggestions, but you lot volition also demand to detect them over fourth dimension as well as brand Federal Reserve annotation of occupation sounds. Another challenge resulting from differences inwards the initiative off linguistic communication is the inability to hear certainly English linguistic communication sounds that the native linguistic communication does non contain. Often these are vowels, every bit inwards ‘ship’ as well as ‘sheep,’ which many learners cannot distinguish. The Japanese are known for confusing /r/ as well as /l/, every bit their linguistic communication contains neither of these but instead has i well somewhere betwixt the two. For problems such every bit these, listening is crucial because students can’t hit a well they can’t hear. Descriptions of the well as well as oral cavity put tin sack assist students growth their awareness of subtle well differences.
Here are about ideas for focusing on specific pronunciation features.
Voicing; Voiced sounds volition brand the pharynx vibrate. For example, /g/ is a voiced well acre /k/ is not, fifty-fifty though the oral cavity is inwards the same put for both sounds. Have your students touching on their throats acre pronouncing voiced as well as voiceless sounds. They should experience vibration alongside the voiced sounds only.
Aspiration; Aspiration refers to a puff of air when a well is produced. Many languages receive got far fewer aspirated sounds than English, as well as students may receive got problem hearing the aspiration. The English linguistic communication /p/, /t/, /k/, as well as /ch/ are about of the to a greater extent than commonly aspirated sounds. Although these are non ever aspirated, at the commencement of a give-and-take they unremarkably are. To illustrate aspiration, receive got your students agree upwards a slice of facial tissue a few inches away from their mouths as well as force it alongside a puff of air acre pronouncing a give-and-take containing the target sound.  
Mouth Position; Draw uncomplicated diagrams of natural language as well as lip positions. Make certainly all students tin sack clearly come across your oral cavity acre you lot model sounds. Have students purpose a mirror to come across their mouth, lips, as well as natural language acre they copy you.  
Intonation; Word or judgement intonation tin sack live mimicked alongside a kazoo, or alternatively yesteryear humming. This volition accept the students’ attending off of the important of a give-and-take or judgement as well as assist them focus on the intonation.  
Linking; We pronounce phrases as well as fifty-fifty whole sentences every bit i shine well instead of a serial of carve upwards words. ‘Will Amy snuff it away,’ is rendered ‘Willaymeegowaway.’ To assist learners’ link words, elbow grease starting at the halt of a judgement as well as receive got them repeat a phrase, adding to a greater extent than of the judgement every bit they tin sack principal it. For example, ‘gowaway,’ therefore ‘aymeegowaway,’ as well as lastly ‘Willaymeegowaway’ without whatsoever pauses betwixt words.  
Vowel Length: You tin sack demonstrate varying vowel lengths inside a give-and-take yesteryear stretching prophylactic bands on the longer vowels as well as letting them contract on shorter ones. Then allow the students elbow grease it. For example, the give-and-take ‘fifteen’ would receive got the prophylactic band stretched for the ‘ee’ vowel, but the give-and-take ‘fifty’ would non receive got the band stretched because both of its vowels are spoken quickly.  
Syllables; Have students count syllables inwards a give-and-take as well as agree upwards the right number of fingers, or house objects on tabular array to stand upwards for each syllable.
Illustrate syllable stress yesteryear clapping softly as well as loudly corresponding to the syllables of a word. For example, the give-and-take ‘beautiful’ would live loud-soft-soft. Practice alongside curt lists of words alongside the same syllabic stress designing (‘beautiful,’ ‘telephone,’ ‘Florida’) as well as therefore come across if your learners tin sack listing other words alongside that pattern. 
Specific Sounds; Minimal pairs, or words such every bit ‘bit/bat’ that differ yesteryear exclusively i sound, are useful for helping students distinguish like sounds. They tin sack live used to illustrate voicing (‘curl/girl’) or commonly confused sounds (‘play/pray’). Remember that it’s the well as well as non the spelling you lot are focusing on. Tongue twisters are useful for practicing specific target sounds, summation they’re fun. Make certainly the vocabulary isn’t besides difficult. The Sounds of English, American Accent Training, as well as EnglishClub.com websites below offering guidelines for describing how to hit diverse English linguistic communication sounds. You tin sack reveal representative practise words for every English linguistic communication well on the English linguistic communication is Soup site. 
Here are about resources for teaching pronunciation.
Sounds of English
Mouth diagrams as well as photographs; instructions for producing selected English linguistic communication sounds, give-and-take stress, judgement stress, as well as intonation; many event well clips to play alongside well software such every bit RealPlayer (free).
American Accent Training: Pronunciation The virtually mutual problem sounds inwards English linguistic communication as well as how to pronounce them.
EnglishClub.com English linguistic communication Pronunciation – Pronunciation for ESL learners; Guides to give-and-take as well as judgement stress, linking, pronunciation of ‘-ed’ as well as ‘the,’ as well as other topics.
Some Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation Detailed – instructions for 2 pronunciation activities.
English is Soup: H5N1 Phonics Resource For ESL – Adults Mouth diagrams as well as representative words showing diverse spellings for every English linguistic communication sound; curt introduction to rules of pronunciation based on spelling; PDF format.
The Tongue Twister Database 
Large collection of natural language twisters to practise specific sounds.

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Source: http://writing.colostate.edu/guides/teaching/esl/pronunciation.cfm

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