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Summary Of The Storey ‘Right Nether Your Nose’

This is dear floor betwixt Zaynab as well as Zaid. Zaynab is Munir daughter. She has older sis her mention is Fatimah. She has footling blood brother his mention Anwar as well as she has best friend her mention is Samira. Her family’s run is move agency namely, Munir Travel. While Zaid is Zaynab neighbors. His begetter is Imam as well as his woman raise is a writer. He is too Zaynab classmate inward Accounting I as well as II.
This floor was started from Zaynab graduation. She had finished her didactics inward Accounting. She felt really happy because she had finished her education. Before, she did the graduation, she did rehearsal. This is the fourth dimension that Zaynab volition know close Zaid. When she was doing the rehearsal fourth dimension for graduation, she flora that in that place was ane pupil who did non come. She checked to the comitee. The comitee said that Zaid Muhammed was the pupil who did non bring together at this time. Zaynab remembered that Zaid was her classmate inward Accounting I as well as II. He e’er sat inward the front end row of the room. Zaynab knew him because she preferred sat inward the middle of the room. She knew her classmate who sat inward front end or inward behind her. The dear was started when Zaid asked Zaynab to hand him data close what he should create inward the graduation. Zaid did non know what he should create because at the rehearsal fourth dimension for graduation he had missed it. He has to convey his grandparents flight to overseas. He looked at the Zaynab’s eyes that made Zaynab felt shy as well as her human face upward became red. Zaynab felt really nervous when she told him. The dear was disturbing her feeling.
On the graduation time, Zaynab was bored when the graduation turned into a musical. Then, Zaid straight talked amongst her past times using a slice of newspaper to brand her happy. He asked her close her wishes after this graduation. They talked close their future. Zaid catched something from Zaynab information. He knew that Zaynab was even as well as therefore confuse close her dream. They talked as well as therefore long past times using the note. They stopped talking each other when their friends had to tap Zaid when the delineate started to move. Here, dear comes to them. After the graduation had finished, Zaid asked Zaynab to endure introduced her to his parents. Actually, Zaid was engaged her. Then, they decided to marry. One twelvemonth after after their marriage, Zaid remembered something when they did the graduation time. So, he decided to hand his married adult woman something special. He built Accounting edifice nether the mention Z&Z Accounting. It agency that Zaynab as well as Zaid. This edifice was given equally the exceptional gift for his married adult woman to create her ain business. This was the matter to response Zaynab’s occupation when they even as well as therefore equally students of Accounting class.
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