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This is the dear flush betwixt Zainab bint Muhammad too Abu El Stories of the Sahabah

This is the dear flush betwixt Zainab bint Muhammad too Abu El’Ass ibn Rabee’; Zainab was the immature adult woman of the Prophet (PBUH) too her cousin Abu El’Ass, was Khadeeja’s (RA) nephew. He was i of the nobles of the Quraish, too the Prophet (SAW) loved him real much. 

One twenty-four lx minutes catamenia Abu El’Ass went to the Prophet (SAW) earlier he had received his mission of Prophethood too said: “I desire to conjoin your eldest daughter”. So the Prophet replied: “I must inquire her first”. He (SAW) went to Zainab too asked her: “Your cousin came to me too he wishes to conjoin you, produce you lot convey him equally your husband?” Her appear upward turned ruby amongst bashfulness too she smiled. So Zainab married Abu El’Ass, the firstly of a corking dear story. They had 2 children; Ali too Omama. 

Then Muhammad became a Prophet spell Abu El’Ass was away from Makkah. Abu El’Ass returned to detect his married adult woman a Muslim. When he firstly came back, his married adult woman said “I have got corking word for you”. He stood upward too left her. Zainab was surprised too followed him equally she said, “My manlike someone raise became a Prophet too I have got go a Muslim”. He replied, “Why didn’t you lot tell me first?” Hence a big work began betwixt the two; a work of religious belief too belief. 
She told him, “I wasn’t going to disbelieve inwards my manlike someone raise too his message, he is non a liar, too he is “The Honest too Trustworthy”. I’m non the exclusively believer; my woman raise too my sisters became Muslims, my cousin Ali ibn Abi Thaleb became a Muslim, your cousin Othman ibn Affan became a Muslim, too your friend, Abu Bakr, became a Muslim”. 

He replied, “Well, equally for me, I don’t desire people to say, ‘he permit downwards his people too his forefathers to delight his wife’. And I am non accusing your manlike someone raise of anything”. Then he said, “So volition you lot excuse me too understand?” She replied, “Who volition excuse too empathise you lot if I don’t? I volition remain beside you lot too assist you lot until you lot attain the truth.” And she kept her give-and-take for 20 years. 

Abu El’Ass remained an unbeliever, too and then came the migration. Zainab went to her manlike someone raise too asked him for the permission to remain amongst her husband. The Prophet (SAW) replied, “Stay amongst your married adult man too children”. 

So Zainab stayed inwards Makkah, until the battle of Badr occurred. Abu El’Ass was to create out inwards the regular army of Quraish against the Muslims. For Zainab, it meant that her married adult man volition go fighting her father, a fourth dimension Zainab had ever feared. She kept crying out: “O Allah, I fearfulness i twenty-four lx minutes catamenia the Sun may ascent too my children go orphans or I lose my father”. 
So the battle started, too ended inwards victory for the Muslims. Abu El’Ass was captured yesteryear the Muslims, too word of this reached Makkah. Zainab asked, “What did my manlike someone raise do?” They told her, “The Muslims won”. So she prayed to Allah, thanking Him. Then she asked: “What did my married adult man do?” They said: “He was captured”. She said, “I’ll post a payment to position out him”. She didn’t ain anything of much value, thus she took off her mother’s necklace, too sent it amongst Abu El’Ass’s blood brother to the Prophet. 

While the Prophet (SAW) was sitting, taking payments too releasing captives, he saw Khadeeja’s necklace. He held it upward too asked: “Whose payment is this?” They said: “Abu El’Ass ibn Rabee”. He cried too said “This is Khadeeja’s necklace”. As presently equally the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saw that necklace, he had a feeling of extreme pity too his see palpitated for the corking memory. The Companions who were introduce in that location gazed inwards amazement having beingness captivated yesteryear the magnificence of the situation. 
After a long silence, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) stood upward too said “People, this human being is my in-law, should I position out him? And produce you lot convey the provide of this necklace to my daughter?” They answered inwards unison “Yes, Messenger of Allah”. 

The Prophet (SAW) gave the necklace to Abu El’Ass too said to him: “Tell Zainab non to reveal Khadeeja’s necklace”. Then he (SAW) said, “Abu El’Ass, Can nosotros talk privately?” He took him aside too said, “Allah has ordered me to split upward betwixt a Muslim too a disbeliever, thus could you lot provide my immature adult woman to me?” Abu El’Ass reluctantly agreed. 
Zainab stood on the gates of Makkah waiting for the arrival of Abu El’Ass. When he in conclusion came he said, “I am going away”. She asked, “Where to?” He replied, “It is non me who is going, it is you. You are going to your father. We must split upward because you lot are a Muslim”. She implored him, “Will you lot go a Muslim too come upward amongst me?” But he refused. 
So Zainab took her boy too immature adult woman too traveled to Madinah, too for half-dozen years she refused to remarry, hoping that i twenty-four lx minutes catamenia Abu El’Ass would come. 

After half-dozen years, Abu El’Ass was traveling inwards a caravan from Makkah to Syria. During the journey, he was intercepted yesteryear some of the Prophet’s companions. He escaped too asked for Zainab’s home. He knocked on her door shortly earlier the dawn prayer. She opened the door too asked him “Did you lot go a Muslim?” He whispered “No, I come upward equally a fugitive”. She implored him in i lawsuit to a greater extent than “Can you lot go a Muslim?” Again his reply was a negative. “Do non worry.” She said, “Welcome my cousin, welcome, the manlike someone raise of Ali too Omama”. 

After the Prophet (SAW) prayed the dawn prayer inwards congregation amongst the people, they heard a vocalization from the dorsum of the mosque, “I have got freed Abu El’Ass ibn Rabee”. Zainab had granted Abu El’Ass’ freedom. The Prophet (SAW)asked, “Have you lot heard what I heard?” They all said, “Yes, Messenger of Allah”. Zainab said, “He is my cousin too the manlike someone raise of my children too I have got freed him”. The Prophet (SAW) stood upward too said, “O people, I declare that this human being was a real skilful son-in-law, he never broke his promise, too neither did he tell lies. So if you lot accept, I volition provide his coin dorsum too permit him go. If you lot turn down it’s your determination too I volition non blame you lot for it.” The companions agreed, “We volition give him his money”. So the Prophet (SAW) said to Zainab, “We have got freed the i you lot have got freed, O Zainab.” Then he (SAW) went to her too told her “be generous to him, he is your cousin too the manlike someone raise of your children, but don’t permit him larn nearly you, he is prohibited for you.” She replied, “Sure, father, I’ll produce equally you lot say”. 

She went inwards too told her husband, “O Abu El’Ass, didn’t you lot miss us at all? Won’t you lot go a Muslim too remain amongst us?” But he refused. Abu El’Ass too then took the coin too returned to Makkah. Once he returned he stood upward too announced, “O people, hither is your money. Is in that location anything left?” They replied, “No, Abu El’Ass, in that location is nil left, thank you lot a lot.” So Abu El’Ass said, “I evidence that in that location is no God but Allah, too Muhammad is His Messenger.” Then he went dorsum to Madinah too ran to the Prophet (SAW) equally he said, “Dear Prophet, you lot freed me yesterday, too today I tell that I evidence in that location is no god but Allah too you lot are His Messenger.” He asked the Prophet, “Will you lot give me the permission to go dorsum to Zainab?” The Prophet (SAW) smiled too said, “Come amongst me”; he took him to Zainab’s work solid too knocked on her door. The Prophet (SAW) said, “O Zainab, your cousin came to me too asked if he tin provide to you”. Just similar 20 years before, her appear upward turned ruby amongst bashfulness too she smiled. 

The distressing affair was, a twelvemonth afterwards this incident, Zainab died. Abu El’Ass shed hot tears because of her expiry too drove those who were around him to tears. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) came amongst eyes total of tears too a see total of sorrow. Zainab’s expiry reminded him of the expiry of his wife, Khadeejah. He told the women, who gathered around Zainab’s corpse, “Wash her 3 times too operate camphor inwards the 3rd wash.” He performed funeral prayers on her too followed her concluding resting place. Abu El’Ass returned to his children, Ali too Omama. Kissing them too wetting them amongst his tears, he remembered the appear upward of his departed darling. 
May Allah go pleased amongst Zainab, the Prophet’s daughter! May He vantage her amongst Paradise for her patience, endurance too struggle! 

Abu El’Ass would yell thus profusely that the people saw the Prophet himself weeping too calming him down. Abu El’Ass would say, “By Allah, I can’t stand upward life anymore without Zainab”. He died i twelvemonth afterwards Zainab’s death.

Written by: Pritantina YL, Students of Islamic University of Malang
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