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Qualitative Inquiry Information Analysis Techniques

Before nosotros discussed virtually the Validity Data of Qualitative Research, we convey to larn virtually the Instrument Data Collection and the Technique for doing Data Analysis. So, Let’s learning together amongst me. Check (dot) !

1. Data Collection Techniques
In qualitative research, information sources are selected too adapted to the role of research. Prioritizing information collection procedure emic perspective (concerned amongst how the respondents perceive too translate the the world roughly it). According to the type of data, this study uses the method of information collection, interviews, observation too documentation. The 3rd method of collecting this information is the hallmark of qualitative research. According to Bogdan too Biklen (1982: 2), “… qualitative enquiry too Reviews those that most embody the characteristics nosotros but touched upon are player observation too inward depth interviewing”. 
 information sources are selected too adapted to the role of enquiry Qualitative Research Data Analysis Techniques
The methods used inward this study tin last described equally follows:
a. Participatory observation
This method is done past times observing straight virtually weather condition inward the field, either inward the cast of physical solid soil or deportment that occurred during the study. In the narrow sense of observation agency systematic observation too recording of the phenomenon investigated.
According to Darmiyati Zuchdi (1997: 7) had a hateful observation that the collection of information that involves social interaction betwixt researcher too enquiry subjects too informants inward a setting during information collection should last done systematically without manifest themselves equally researchers. In this way betwixt researcher too researched interact reciprocally. In this representative the researchers looked at the studied non the dependent plain or object of study but equally respondents who serves equally peers or colleagues. They move, everything tin non last determined (undetermined), too may jointly found enquiry data. According to Noeng Muhadjir (1996: 125) betwixt researcher too enquiry dependent plain seat is non apportioned dichotomous blend.
In lodge to obtain a to a greater extent than precise enquiry data, too thence whatever issues relating to the results of observation ever recorded. These observations thence that the researchers used stationery equally a tool inward the implementation of the observation. While making a regime notation inward the field, volition last divided into 2 parts that include descriptive sections too reflective sections. Part descriptive tape the details of events that are non evaluative. This description includes the physical dimensions e.g, activity too behavior, thoughts too feelings of the researcher at the fourth dimension of observation.
Reflective business office of the tape plain notes virtually the results framework, ideas, too the attending of researchers that contains additional ideas, relationships amid the data, methods, conflicts too dilemma equally good equally things that are clearly non clarify parts. Field notes made at the fourth dimension betwixt the completion fourth dimension of observation amongst subsequent observations. Between the fourth dimension of recording is intended to avoid confusion betwixt the observations amongst each subsequent observation, equally good equally to avoid the inclusion of concepts that are non derived from the observations. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 mix of curt notes amongst the results of the news inward the same observation, the researchers regard to last the consequence of a plain that has a perfect record.
b. Deep Interview
The interview is i of the techniques of information collection to obtain the information past times quest questions straight to the respondents. According to Masri Singarimbun (1989: 192) interview is a inquiry too respond procedure betwixt 2 or to a greater extent than people straight human face upward or through the media.
Both of them are communication straight structured too unstructured or done amongst the training or no training beforehand. So the questions amongst answers tin last obtained straight inward a context of events on a reciprocal basis. Thus the interview inward the enquiry is a procedure of communication interactions betwixt researchers amongst enquiry subjects, informants, equally good equally primal informants past times way of inquiry too respond straight to obtain information or information.
In-depth interviews carried out independently controlled agency that the interview was conducted freely. So that the information obtained is information that is wide too deep, but yet pay attending to the guided chemical cistron that allows yet fulfilling the principles of comparability too reliability tin last routed straight too impartially to the problems studied. Although the draft interview used inward this interview, but inward actual interview volition last varied too adapted to the situation, thence it is non rigid.
As good equally the information collection techniques amongst observation, too thence inward the interview fifty-fifty this consequence is logged too recorded to avoid straying “recording”. In addition, researchers also utilization the retrieve technique (repetition) is using the same questions virtually a case. It is intended to secure an respond from the respondent. If the offset respond too the results are the same, too thence the information tin last called final.

c. Document Analysis
The collection of information through this technique is intended to supplement the results of the information obtained through interviews too observations. With this document the analysis of the expected information needed to last actually valid. Documents that tin last used equally sources include photos, enquiry reports, books according to research, too other written data.

Those all virtually the Qualitative Research Data Analysis Techniques. These techniques tin last used to collect the information on the qualitative research. You tin pick out i of them or all the techniques mentioned above. Thanks

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