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Instrument Information Collection Inward Qualitative Research

Humans are the principal musical instrument inward qualitative research. Because everything notwithstanding has no definite formula. Examples such problems, inquiry procedures, information to hold out collected, fifty-fifty all the expected results tin forcefulness out non hold out determined precisely in addition to clearly before.

According to Nasution (1996: 55-56) human equally the principal musical instrument of inquiry alongside the consideration that the researcher equally a inquiry musical instrument according to qualitative inquiry characteristics, amid others:
  1. Researchers equally a tool has to hold out sensitive in addition to tin forcefulness out interact to whatever stimulation from the surroundings that must hold out anticipated meaningful or non for her/his research, in that place is no other musical instrument that tin forcefulness out react in addition to interact alongside thence many factors inward changing circumstances.
  2. Every province of affairs is an overall, researchers equally a tool able to conform to all aspects of the province of affairs in addition to hold out able to collect a diversity of information all at once.
  3. Situations that involve human interaction, tin forcefulness out non hold out understood exclusively situation. To sympathize it must experience it, into it, in addition to doing appreciation.
  4. Researcher equally musical instrument tin forcefulness out apace analyze information obtained either past times agency of interpreting in addition to giving direction hypotheses in addition to observations.
  5. Only human beings equally instruments that tin forcefulness out depict conclusions based on information collected at a fourth dimension in addition to similar a shot used equally feedback to obtain the confirmation, alteration, repair or rejection.
  6. Human or researchers equally an musical instrument for collecting inquiry data, in addition to thence the reply strange, deviant truly paid attending to get upwards the degree of trust in addition to agreement of the aspects studied.

Based on these considerations, suggests that the problems are the focus of qualitative inquiry tin forcefulness out non hold out determined clearly in addition to definitely before. Qualitative inquiry instruments are required to hold out able to reach upwards one’s heed the occupation equally the focus of the study, afterwards plunging to the solid soil inward occupation alongside the ongoing research. Instruments demanded clarification pursuit, the pursuit of the pregnant behind that appears, expression for the phenomenon is to a greater extent than essential than only the symptoms, in addition to thence on.

Humans are the principal musical instrument inward qualitative inquiry Instrument Data Collection inward Qualitative Research

For that the presence of this reality, the musical instrument is able to consider these criteria are only human. In this written report into a inquiry musical instrument is the researcher himself, alongside the assist of using the draft interviews in addition to observation.

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