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Definition Of Population In Addition To Sample Of Research

In the quantitative research, nosotros know virtually the population in addition to sample. What is the definition? in addition to How to calculate it? Here I volition part virtually the terms are. Read carefully!

1. Population

Population is the total publish of units of analysis whose characteristics volition move studied. The population is divided into two, namely:
  • Population sampling, for example, if nosotros accept equally a sample of households, spell the investigation was a fellow member of the household who operate equally civil servants, the entire household is the sampling population.
  • The target population, inwards accordance with the higher upwards example, all civil servants are the target population.
2. Sample

The sample is role of a population that is expected to stand upwards for the population inwards the study. In the grooming of the sample needs to move compiled a sampling frame is a listing of all the elements of the sampling inwards the sampling population, provided that:

  • Should include all elements of the sample
  • No chemical factor of samples counted twice
  • Must move upwards to date
  • Limits must move clear
  • Must move traceable to the field
According to Teken (in Masri Singarimbun in addition to Sofyan Efendi) The characteristics of the ideal sample is:
  • Can hit a credible outcome which represents the entire population studied
  • Can specify precision of the results of inquiry to decide the touchstone difference of estimates obtained
  • Simple, thence slow to implement.
  • Can furnish equally much data equally possible at depression cost.
There are 4 factors that must move considered inwards determining the size of the sample, with others:
  • Degree of homogenity of the population, the to a greater extent than homogeneous population of fewer publish of samples taken
  • Precision desired, the higher the desired marking of precision that the to a greater extent than the publish of samples taken
  • Analysis plan
  • Costs in addition to time
3. Some Techniques inwards Sampling
There are several techniques inwards sampling, but it tin move divided into 2 parts, those are:
a. Probability sampling or random sampling
  • Simple random sampling, uncomplicated random sampling, a sample is taken thence that each inquiry unit of measurement or unit of measurement chemical factor of the population has an equal chance to move selected into the sample. The method used past times (1) the lottery, (2) ordinal (number multiples), (3) a tabular array of random numbers
  • Proportionate stratified random sampling, for representative past times students equally a sample, … it is necessary to calcification of students based strata (e.g, shape I, II in addition to III)
  • Disproportional stratified random sampling
  • Area Sampling, sample retrieval technique based on region
  • Cluster sampling, sampling techniques based cluster or clusters, for example: a written report wanted to know the identify unit of measurement income inwards a village, with a diversity of clusters, eg inwards terms of jobs: Farmers, Workers, civil servants, Fishermen
b. Non-Probability Sampling
Non probability sampling consists of:
  • Systematic sampling, ie selecting a sample from an lodge of the listing according to a specific order, eg, each private sequence of no n-th (10, 15, xx etc.)
  • Sampling quota (quota sampling), sampling techniques are based on the fulfillment of the desired sample sum (determined)
  • Accidental sampling, samples taken from anyone who happened to be, for example, past times bespeak anyone who flora the street … to inquire for opinions virtually the rising inwards nutrient prices
  • Purposive sampling, sampling techniques based won upon a item purpose. (people who own got been genuinely own got the criteria equally a sample)
  • Sampling saturated (census),
  • Snowball sampling, starting from a pocket-sized grouping who were asked to present their friends. The friend thence asked to present his friends over again in addition to thence on until sufficiently.
4. Sample Size Determination Techniques
One means to decide the publish of samples is using the formula of Taro Yamane:

 nosotros know virtually the population in addition to sample definition of Population in addition to Sample of Research
n = publish of samples,
due north = Total Population,
d² = precision required (eg 5% or 10%)

Population is total or the sum of champaign of written report spell sample is role of population which stand upwards for the champaign of written report of research. Please, studying to a greater extent than virtually this 2 terms inwards 2 big approach (quantitative in addition to qualitative research) because at that spot are around differences on that case. Thanks.

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